Brazilian Seafood Lunch, with Chef Dona Suzana (Native Hero in Salvador)

Bahia, an enormous state on Brazil’s japanese coast, lies merely south of the Equator, on the coronary coronary heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

Not solely a home for some unbelievable Brazilian seafood, its moreover solely a very good place to get to know Brazil by its of us. I urge you to be taught further about Salvador!

On this text, you’ll uncover why its this selection that makes Brazil such an unimaginable and specific nation. I hope you are full of enjoyment (and in a position to be filled with Brazil’s most interesting seafood as properly!), let me share with you merely most likely the best reminiscences of our private journey, inside the fantastic metropolis of Salvador.

To reach the restaurant, you have to walk across this local (and absolutely stunningly pretty) rocky beach
Native Seaside in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Restaurante Dona Suzana

{a photograph} like this, its easy to see how seashores in Salvador are world well-known.

What I want to attract your consideration to way more though, is how the native custom always areas emphasis on its of us, their historic previous and their art work (of which meals is doubtless one of many most interesting!). In this means, Salvador is like no totally different place I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to share further with you correct now!

Use Dona Suzana as Your Occasion

In spite of everything, for us, meals is on the prime of a list of causes to go to (wherever), however it was the willingness to share a love of meals with us that left us with such reminiscences – the enjoyment, and the outward friendliness with which the oldsters of Salvador will welcome you, its merely fantastic.

I am choosing this meal particularly as a result of it should offer you a single good occasion of what its want to eat like an space in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Scroll down now, and discover out about Ré Restaurante Dona Suzana.

Cheers to you, Dona Suzana, and cheers to Bahia – and much wish to Salvador!

Amazing meals of seafood just waiting to be caught in these beautiful Atlantic waters

The seashores are enticing, and the seafood divine.

I’ve the hyperlink and restaurant information beneath, nevertheless even with the GPS knowledge, there’s undoubtedly no easy approach to find this place.

You are going to need to drive, after which finish with a stroll (nevertheless on this case establishing an urge for meals is sort of a necessity).

Your subsequent feast of Brazilian seafood is simply not solely merely throughout the nook, its actually beneath Salvador’s Historic District, in an unimaginable neighborhood hidden beneath the seaside freeway!

Parking is Restricted – Convey Your Seaside Footwear

There’s no space for autos, barely even room for bikes, and ensuing from ocean tidal motion, even the time of day is critical to note proper right here.

The time of 12 months and tide situations will resolve which staircase it would be best to make use of – spend a second and watch the locals strolling, they might additionally assist to info you in your means.

Perception me though, its properly value your efforts, on account of the combination of native meals and the warmest of welcomes proper right here, merely might make this lunch your newest ‘favorite meals memory’ in your complete journey to Brazil as properly.

Let’s go!

Salvador has a deep and obvious love for expressive artwork, and it is simply wonderful to see for yourself

In Brazil, art work seems to explodes off every flat ground accessible.

Try To not Get Distracted…

Restaurante Dona Suzana is simply not an enormous restaurant, and that’s most definitely unlikely to differ.

Proceed down (after which up) models of broken cement stairs, passing beside one among many further gorgeous (however lonely rock-strewn seashores) I consider I’ve ever seen in my life.

The spray paint work is completely fantastic proper right here as properly, merely exploding off every flat ground accessible.

Ingenious decorations will flip your head (cautious on the steps!), and make you might want to fill your digicam cellphone with photographs even sooner than you order your meals. It is attainable you may even have the seashore all to your self, so take some time to profit from the view (or maybe a swim) if you come to the restaurant all through midday.

Lastly, up a variety of further models of crumbling cement stairs, you’ll uncover the home of Dona Suzana, one among many coolest native consuming locations you probably can ever hope for, and a veritable buffet of delicious Brazilian seafood.

Open from noon to 6pm daily, visit Dona Suzana for your own food-feature worthy meals of Brazilian Seafood

Dona Suzana serves meals movie-feature worthy meals (she’s even on Netflix!)

Introduction to Bahia’s Seafood

Senora Susana might greet you personally, as her restaurant consists of merely two tables.

Sit in a romantic smaller half for two, full with a seaside view, or sit straight in entrance of her kitchen, and profit from the speedy and nice relationship I am sure she’ll assemble with you.

Start by attempting on the menu, filled with tasty-looking seafood (nevertheless it could possibly be faster to simply perception the chef, “definitely one among each little factor please!”*), or order a drink and sit for awhile.

This little restaurant has a million dollar view, enjoy lunch here when you visit Salvador and see for yourself!

The view from Re Restaurant Dona Suzana

*My favourite order at a restaurant like this though is “definitely one among each little factor, please,” for just a few basic and obligatory causes. I’ve found that if you already perception the chef, then that’s merely the quickest approach to meals happiness, and I’m telling you that proper right here – Dona Suzana could be treating you properly.

With the portion sizes she is serving, three or Four completely totally different seafood devices should be practically correct, and maybe two or three sides (veggies) to go together with your seafood as properly (we had been a bunch of 5 this day, and with this similar order we had been full).

A Little Once more Story

Sooner than the meals arrives, you may benefit from a cold Devassa beer (an space lager beer) which is a perfect companion when looking out over such a view as a result of the one you’ll uncover proper right here.

If its nonetheless too early for beer, then benefit from merely your self inside the second proper right here – a quiet, native meals paradise, getting misplaced inside the small bay filled with native fisherman, remembering how merely minutes sooner than you had been misplaced someplace above, on a 4-lane freeway, looking out for this restaurant…

amazing meals of Brazilian Seafood served daily at Re Restaurante Dona Suzana in Salvador, Brazil

(Clockwise) Mackarel, Manta Ray, Shrimp, Black Eyed Peas, and Cassava w/Palm Oil.

The Meal

You are proper right here to eat Brazilian seafood like an space, and at Restaurante Dona Suzana, this means you eat ‘Family Trend.’

When you order full-plate devices of seafood proper right here, each dish will can be found an enormous portion dimension to share – I actually like consuming this way though, on account of it signifies that everyone will get at least one fashion of each dish!

Start by laying down a mattress of each rice, beans, or every. Spoon completely totally different devices onto your plate, and don’t neglect the chili oil. Uncover which dishes you are eager on most likely essentially the most, and be completely satisfied to refill (or re-order) as wanted.

Amazingly thick and hearty meals, Afro-Brazilian food here in Salvador is amazing

Manta Ray ‘Moqueca,’ a stew thick with Dendê (Purple Palm Oil).

Moqueca (w/Manta Ray) – Moqueca (de Arraia)

Moqueca is the place you will need to start, one among many remaining meals of Bahia. It could even be acknowledged that this dish alone is doubtless one of many points most fulfilling about Salvador’s native meals custom.

Completely totally different from the within of Brazil (which teems with overflowing portions of freshwater river fish), cooks in Bahia make moqueca using practically fully salt-water fish (and a great deal of totally different seafood as properly).

A really modern meat to eat proper right here in Salvador is Manta Ray, which they fish straight from their very personal coast.

Afro-Brazilian Custom – Saltwater Modern Fish

Presumably the issue to love most about moqueca though, is the plain Afro-Brazilian meals cultural roots.

Palm-oil stews filled with onions and tomatoes are such a staple in West Africa, and wait til you fashion them along with an space Brazilian spice profile. Add inside the top quality current Brazilian seafood, and you have a extremely native (and fully world-class!) North-East Brazilian favourite meals.

Love at first sight with this incredible Afro-Brazilian food that is Moqueca

One take a look on the deep, orange colors, and in addition you too might fall in love…

The Dendê Oil…

Together with the dendê oil to moqueca is what affords it the deep orange coloration, along with some extraordinarily deep portions of richness in style.

This was our introduction not solely to Salvador’s fantastic seafood, however moreover their love of dendê oil – one factor that I see might merely flip into an behavior as properly.

Dendê oil is taken from the crimson palm, a type of palm that (although it seems very darkish in coloration) produces healthful form of oil. The additional usually acknowledged ‘kernel’ palm fruit (or ‘common’ palm oil, which you’ll be taught further about proper right here) has bigger portions of saturating fat – one factor this Dendê oil is with out.

Rapidly you may acknowledge the dendê oil in a lot of totally different totally different fantastic North and North-East meals of Brazil as properly. Acarajé, abará, pirau, and vatapá all use dendê inside the recipes. After tasting the richness of this oil in your self, I’m sure you’ll shortly find yourself an addict of this unbelievable Afro-Brazilian meals ingredient.

Manta Ray Fish

Ray could be powerful to eat sometimes, ensuing from every the stringy meat and the intricate bone building of this fish, and so locals need this meat most interesting as they’ve it slow-cooking in a moqueca.

In no way having manta ray myself sooner than our go to to Salvador, the fish meat is company, dry, and impressively tasty, barely like fish the least bit. It would not come apart on this stew, and the chunks of meat sort of take in the oils and oily style as properly. It tastes practically like a sun-drying meat jerky, and from the texture, its practically exhausting to contemplate that its fish the least bit!

Bahia uses a lot of seafood in their recipes, and its wonderful to have it so fresh

Coconut milk and bitter flavors in delicious Bahia Shrimp Stew

Shrimp Stew  – Ensopado de Camarão

Ensopado‘ interprets on to the English phrase ‘stew,’ and this shrimp stew should be the next merchandise in your itemizing.

Change it up if you like, or just proceed to adjust to our solutions proper right here – one dish each of shrimp, fish, and manta ray is an outstanding combo, and we count on that for shrimp, the stew is the best way through which to go correct proper right here.

Her Recipe

The stew broth could also be very thick, as Dona Suzana makes use of quite a few every tomatoes and okra in her recipe. Bitter, and splendidly creamy, there are moreover chunks of onions, carrots, and inexperienced peppers on this ensopado.

I actually like the extraordinary fashion of that bitter stew with a variety of shrimp, the fragile onions, consuming it together with the cilantro that she locations on prime.

I couldn’t inform whether or not or not she makes use of lime juice or vinegar, nevertheless that’s such a tremendous combo to have with moqueca (or one different Bahia favorite, ‘bobo,’ like we have on the Salvador Mercado Modelo market for lunch the next day).

frying mackerel after breading it, she serves this plate simply with tomatoes and raw lettuce

A delicious salt-water trio – Manta Ray, Shrimp, and Mackerel

Fried Mackerel

For a final seafood order, it’s possible you’ll on no account go unsuitable with a variety of mackerel fish.

Deep frying these fish after breading them frivolously open air, she serves them merely and fantastically with just a few current greens.

Whereas I can’t say its a lightweight lunch by any means, the reality that each one of these dishes are each seafood, or made fully from greens, retains the meal from being virtually as heavy as a result of it in every other case might very nicely be.

Mackerel is definitely a favorite fish the world over, and its very cool to see it every at residence so sometimes once more in Thailand, and in the intervening time for lunch, proper right here in Salvador, Brazil.

Another Salvador favorite food, like Acarajé here in Bahia, you just have to try the black-eyed peas

One different Salvador favorite, you will need to try the black-eyed peas

Black Eyed Peas

Bahianos (of us of Bahia) merely love using black-eye peas. This massive bowl of them will go fully with each different meals you order, notably a desk filled with Brazilian seafood identical to the one you see in photographs above.

Dona Suzana prepares them with merely salt and black pepper, together with in coconut oil, and using the pure creaminess of the beans cooking to make the texture like a stew. Have this over rice, or use the beans as a base in your bites of seafood, this filling nevertheless healthful meals is one different occasion of the taste-preferences you’ll be aware sharing between Brazil, and the Western coast of Africa.

There are quite a few dishes of native meals in Salvador that attribute this splendidly cute and hearty bean,* and one different issue it’s possible you’ll’t depart Bahia with out making an attempt is acarajé (discover out about Acarajé de Ivone proper right here).

*Black-eyed peas normally will not be peas, they’re beans (legumes, much like peanuts) – so if in case you might have a peanut allergy, guarantee that you could be order this dish.

amazing and creamy Pirau, Dona Suzana makes a wonderful bowl of this mash of beans and cassava

Dendê affords rich coloration to Pirau, a typical meals in North-East Brazil

Pirãu – Cassava Paste

Lastly its time for Senora Suzana’s unbelievable plate of pirau. She makes it rich, she whips and stirs it up fully, along with healthful components of additional crimson pakm dendê oil.

Pirau is a texture lover’s delight, whatever the place you have gotten it, and easily take a second to grasp that pretty coloration of orange!

It is the primary time for us to eat this meals, nevertheless for locals in Brazil it immediately reminds of us of vatapá (one different North and North-East Brazilian favorite meals, a delicious paste, a mash of drugs, one factor you moreover have to aim if you’re proper right here).

Pirãu is So Unimaginable Creamy

With a consistency someplace between potatoes, and the thickest and most creamy bowl of porridge ever, the fashion of pirau is unique.

As there will not be any fermenting substances inside the recipe for pirau, there is not a sourness present on this (vatapá makes use of tucupi, fermenting manioc juices).

The richness, in spite of everything, is due to further of the good dendê oil, so bear in mind to prime your rice with an enormous scoop of pirau for good measure.

After your first portion, bear in mind to aim a mix of fried fish, pirau, and an infinite scoop of the oil-base chili sauce she makes for each desk.

Delicious – one different cheers to chef Dona Susana!

I love this restaurant, and I will always remember the warm welcome and delicious food Dona Suzana gave us

A lunchtime of perfection, I encourage you to go to Dona Suzana

Unforgettable Chili Oil

I actually like how every restaurant desk setting comes with every farofa (cassava powder, see an occasion of that proper right here), and chili oil. These two condiments collectively are undoubtedly one factor I’m sure we’ll every miss after a meals go to to Brazil.

It goes with out saying that I consider practically one thing tastes greater after together with chilies – and I’m even along with an entire half proper right here merely to discuss this (splendidly key) part of Brazilian meals.

Brazilian meals is surprisingly un-spicy actually, when you concentrate on how extraordinarily scorching the chili peppers are that develop proper right here.

From Carolina Reaper to Trinidad Scorpion, native Habañeros and even worldwide peppers like Naga Jolokia, all points scorching and spicy merely flourish proper right here – its one different diploma of chili vitality, and any chili lover owes themself at least one journey on this lifetime to Brazil.

Not solely the chili heat, nevertheless the style in them as properly, are merely crazily delicious.

Its awe-inspiring, and however another excuse that I’ll always be missing Brazil…

Perfect place to enjoy your first lunch in Salvador

The atmosphere for lunching leisure really can’t get greater

The Heartfelt Hospitality is Unimaginable

A superb occasion of how hospitable the oldsters of Brazil could be to outsiders, although we converse little to no Portuguese, Senora Suzana immediately treats you need family.

Coming into practically correct at high-noon, she observed how our faces had been sweating whereas strolling all through the seashore to her residence. Sooner than even talking about meals, what does she do?, she immediately opens her door to us, offering the utilization of her private bathe!

Great. I miss her even captivated with this experience correct now.

Starting any meal with such a welcome so heart-warming is fantastic, and the love and kindness didn’t even stop there.

An Great Welcome

The mannequin throughout which she runs her restaurant is so nice – She is principally cooking straight out of her private kitchen, establishing tables in entrance of her private entrance door.

There’s solely space for two tables, and Four or 5 of us at each. She goes to serve you need she’s serving guests of her household, and he or she’ll assist you delay your go to to an-all day meal if you let her.

Calling out from the kitchen, asking for any additional meals knowledge, drinks, or snacks sooner than the meal, it felt as if we really had been guests in her residence.

What a method to start a day of Journey for Meals in Bahia.

(and by the best way through which, you will need to watch the video of your full day as properly, proper right here’s the hyperlink to the YouTube video for highway meals in Salvador)

An amazing local restaurant, you'll struggle to find better food or better service. A wonderful experience in Salvador da Bahia

For a gorgeous occasion of Salvador’s meals and hospitality, go to Suzana

Title: Ré Restaurante Dona Suzana
Location: Google Maps (hyperlink proper right here)
Hours: Open Day by day, 12pm to 6pm
Value: R$87 for our complete meal proper right here, 5 of us along with drinks (US$22)

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